Go on a journey with the container

Containing camping tools is like planning a travel.

When should they be used and in which order is an essential point.

We have endeavored to create a multifunctional container which allows the outdoors to be accessible for all.

The innovative and tough box has been made with the essentials of “Store”, “Lift up” and “Carry”.

The development of the IKIKI, a high degree storage system, features a sturdy frame structure with removable side panels making the removal of articles easy and convenient. Additionally, another attractive feature is the products ability to be built up to suit the need of the individual. It can be customized depending on the outdoor activities one wishes to undertake, the ability to stock up the system with containers as well as pass gadgets or larger belongings through.

It isn’t simply a container, but a new tool for storage.

Enjoy your life with IKIKI

Designed by & Design

Graphic by Ken Okamoto Design Office

Photography by ROBINHOOD photograph

in Japan


IKIKI Project

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